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What We Offer

Free Consultation

We help aspirant students and provide study abroad counselling to further their academic careers in developed nations like Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Step 1: Pre Application Process

  • Assigned student advisor to listen to review your situation and guide you.

  • Advice on the most suitable universities for you.

  • Advice on choosing your course speciality.

  • Liaising between you and the university regarding your admission.

  • Guidance on any concerns or questions regarding documents and the application procedure.

 Application Process

We handle all of your documents and facilitate your university admission

  • Professional completion of your documents

  • Personally, handling your documents and submitting them to the university.

  • Help with visa application, if necessary.

  • Assist in the pre-departure information guide


  • We can guarantee you gain admission into many universities abroad.

  • Our agent fee covers numerous services. 

  • This is paid in two instalments. 

  • We request an initial deposit of half the agent fee upon application and signing a contract with you, promising you gain admission to the university.

  • Once we get your acceptance letter from the university, we will request the remaining.

We ensure you receive excellent value for your money by offering a comprehensive selection of affordable, competitive, and essential services for a seamless transition. We are a company that takes pride in assisting students above all else!

You can rely on GUAC to take care of you and assist you in any way you can imagine, all as part of the agency fee you pay. We have no additional or hidden fees. Prices may increase for applications received after the deadline. 

We ensure that you gain admission into the university of your choice by creating a seamless application profile.
  • Professional counselling that is moulded specifically to address your requirements

  • Search the various universities and courses to find the best for you.

  • Fill out the university application form to ensure the guidelines are followed and met.

  • Help and assist with the application procedure for a visa

  • Extensive pre-departure information guide

As consultants for studying abroad, we ensure that your educational goals are entirely realized. This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding what we have to offer; our experience, efficiency, and effectiveness are just some of our other strengths.

Counselling And Guidance

Our counselling sessions will significantly assist you in making the most suitable academic decision for your career goals.​

What we offer 

  • Career-oriented guidance

  • Emphasis on future-focused courses and professions

  • Interactions with university representatives

We understand that applying to a foreign university can be time-consuming and stressful; this is where we excel!
Application & Admission
Choose the appropriate intake, apply promptly and intelligently to courses and universities that are a good match, and you will receive admissions/offers in no time.


What we offer 

  • Perfect applications guarantee admission

  • Quality motivation letter or Essay

  • Real-time application monitoring and follow-up with colleges

Visa Process

​ Our qualified visa specialists will assist you in preparing and submitting your visa documents to embassies and high commissions to expedite the issuance of a visa.


What we offer 

  • Impeccable guidance on visa documentation

  • Excellent visa accomplishment ratio across all countries

  • Mock visa examinations

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