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Grow Your Carrier


Our Vision is to become known throughout the world for offering the best educational consultancy opportunities to foreign students who want to study Abroad.

Mission Statement

To Bridging development through education. This is a commitment to provide high-quality end-to-end solutions for those interested in studying abroad so that these individuals can obtain an education of the highest quality and be better prepared to compete in the dynamic global economy.

Our Slogan: Quality Education is Key to Empowerment and Sustainability
#In Future We Trust


Applying to Universities can be a highly competitive, complicated and stressful process. The application journey often feels overwhelming and challenging to navigate alone. The university has a comprehensive list of application requirements and legal procedures that must be fulfilled, including the submission of specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Failure to fulfil these requirements may lead to your application being rejected. However, you need not face this task alone. Our team of admissions experts, widely regarded as the best in Europe, specialises in managing all legal aspects to the last detail. Moreover, we have established a strong partnership with the Universities and possess extensive knowledge of the entire application process and interview. Throughout the process, we will diligently handle your application, ensuring it meets the highest standards and significantly improves your chances of acceptance to the prestigious university. By choosing GUAC, you can avoid the stress of applying and focus on preparing for your future career.

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