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Living Conditions and Cost of Living

While the cost of living in the Netherlands is one of the lowest in Europe, actual living expenses vary depending on lifestyle and location. As in the majority of nations, urban areas are more expensive than rural areas. The estimated monthly total cost of living, including housing, food, books/stationery, and other expenses, ranges between €800 and €1,500 on average. In the Netherlands, bicycles are an extremely popular and inexpensive mode of transportation. If they have an international student ID, students may be eligible for discounts on certain purchases.

Costs will also vary based on the type of housing, mode of transportation, and each student's financial circumstances. On-campus housing, living with a family, and renting/sharing a flat are among the available options.

Tuition Fee

Within public institutions, annual tuition fees for EU students can reach €2,100. Non-EU students pay significantly higher tuition, ranging from €6,000 to €15,000 for undergraduate programs and up to €20,000 for master's degrees. Private universities have even higher tuition rates.

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