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Living Conditions and Cost of Living

As an international student in Belgium, you will spend between €873 and €1,370 per month on average. This estimate incorporates your housing, food, transportation, health insurance, and recreation expenses.

Tuition Fee

Belgian public universities are typically between €2,500 and €7,500 per year for international students and €1,000 per year for EU students. Business colleges and private institutions charge higher fees.

Hence, the tuition fee depend on which of the country's three regions you wish to study: Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, French-speaking Wallonia in the south, or the Brussels capital region in the middle. 

In Flanders, tuition fees at state institutions are generally €979.60 for EU students and €979.60 to €8,000 for non-EU students. In private institutions, fees are consistent.

EU students in Wallonia pay a maximum of €835 per year at universities and €350.03 per year at university colleges and art institutions. Non-EU students must pay a fixed annual fee of €2,505 for university degrees and between €992 and €1,982 for university colleges and art institutions, depending on the course. There are exceptions, such as a group of non-EU countries whose citizens pay only EU fees.

It depends on whether your institution is French- or Dutch-speaking in Brussels.

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