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Living Conditions and Cost of Living

The average monthly cost of living is 1,000 Euros. The country is less expensive than numerous other top international study destinations.

Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fees can range between 3,000 and 23,000 Euros for international students per year.

In addition to the 20 EUR/semester tuition fee, non-EU/EEA students will pay an average of 726.72 EUR per semester in tuition fees.

Students from developing countries are often exempt from tuition fees at a number of public universities. 

Tuition at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) Universities of Applied Sciences can determine the cost of their academic programs. Typically, EU/EEA students pay 363 EUR per semester. For non-EU/EEA citizens, costs range between 727 – 7,500 EUR/semester.

Private institutions of higher learning are more expensive than public universities. Foreign students can expect to pay between €3,000 and €23,000 per year in tuition fees, depending on the type of study programme they choose. Some specialized programs charge tuition fees of at least 35,000 EUR annually.

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